APG … an ABNF Parser Generator

APG generates language parsers and translators from a superset of the Augmented Backus-Naur Form (ABNF) grammar syntax.

  • Access all versions from GitHub repositories
  • Accepts valid ABNF grammars
  • Accepts AND(&) and NOT(!) syntactic predicate operators for conditional parsing based on look-ahead phrases
  • Accepts User-Defined Terminals (UDTs) which allow user-written, non-Context-Free phrase recognition operators
  • User-written callback functions provide complete monitoring and flow control of the parser
  • Optional generation of an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
  • Translation of the AST with user-written callback functions
  • Optional XML format for AST allowing translation with your favorite XML parser
  • Extensive tracing facilities
  • Statistics gathering for a full picture of parse tree node coverage
  • Extensive attribute generation for an overview of the grammar's characteristics
  • Lots and lots of examples to show you how its done