Java APG, Version 1.0
Author Lowell D. Thomas
Copyright © Coast to Coast Research, Inc. 2011

Uses of Class

Uses of Parser.UdtCallback in com.coasttocoastresearch.apg

Subclasses of Parser.UdtCallback in com.coasttocoastresearch.apg
static class UdtLib.Alphanum
          UDT for recognizing alpha-numeric phrases.
static class UdtLib.Any
          UDT for recognizing a string of any printing characters.
static class UdtLib.CComment
          UDT for recognizing the C-language comments.
static class UdtLib.Comment
          UDT for many common comment formats.
static class UdtLib.CppComment
          UDT for the C++ language comment.
static class UdtLib.CRLFLineEnd
          UDT for the standard CRLF line end.
CR = carriage return, \r or x0D
LF = line feed, newline, \n or x0A
static class UdtLib.DecNum
          UDT for a decimal number.
static class UdtLib.DoubleQuotedString
          UDT for the double-quoted string.
static class UdtLib.ForgivingLineEnd
          UDT for a "forgiving" line end.
static class UdtLib.HexNum
          UDT for a hexidecimal number.
static class UdtLib.LFLineEnd
          UDT for the LF or newline line end.
LF = line feed, newline, \n or x0A
static class UdtLib.LineEnd
          UDT for line end characters.
static class UdtLib.QuotedString
          UDT for the quoted-string.
static class UdtLib.SemiComment
          UDT for the ABNF comment.
static class UdtLib.SingleQuotedString
          UDT for the single-quoted string.
static class UdtLib.WhiteSpace
          UDT for any of several choices for white space characters.

Methods in com.coasttocoastresearch.apg with parameters of type Parser.UdtCallback
 void Parser.setUdtCallback(int id, Parser.UdtCallback callback)
          Sets the user-defined callback function to be called when processing the identified UDT nodes.

Java APG, Version 1.0
Author Lowell D. Thomas
Copyright © Coast to Coast Research, Inc. 2011

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