Java APG, Version 1.0
Author Lowell D. Thomas
Copyright © Coast to Coast Research, Inc. 2011

Class RunUdtTest

  extended by com.coasttocoastresearch.examples.RunTests
      extended by com.coasttocoastresearch.examples.testudtlib.RunUdtTest

public class RunUdtTest
extends RunTests

Driver function for time comparison testing of all UdtLib UDT functions vs the CFG versions of the grammars.

Constructor Summary
RunUdtTest(java.lang.String testName, int reps, out)
          Constructor for the test.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public RunUdtTest(java.lang.String testName,
                  int reps,
Constructor for the test. Parameters are supplied explicitly or by default from the command line to the driver function.

testName - the name of the test
reps - the number of repetitions of the parser
out - the output device

Java APG, Version 1.0
Author Lowell D. Thomas
Copyright © Coast to Coast Research, Inc. 2011

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